How can The Family Center serve Wilmore?

When asked, “What does The Family Center do?”, its founder Tara Hall always, “What does Wilmore want it to do?” The Family Center seeks to fulfill the diverse needs of Wilmore families by providing meetings, grouped purposely to serve the most obvious needs of our community. However there is much room for growth! The Family Center not only provides the space and resources necessary for other groups to serve the community but the encouragement, support and tools leaders need to grow through mentoring and team meetings. 

The Family Center is also uniquely positioned through its core groups to plug others into the Wilmore community to help everyone who lives in Wilmore to truly become Neighbors. In a community accustomed to changing demographics, this is no easy tasks but requires those joining us at The Center to be open, honest and willing to join in a village of mutual learning and support. We recognize the value and gifts of all! Many who are members of the Family Center have seen this happen so beautifully and naturally, and they enjoy strong relationships with other member families outside the Center walls.

Our extensive and growing resources allow us to fulfill the diverse needs of Wilmore families. The Center is constantly working to establish community partnerships with other agencies, groups and persons serving our area and is becoming the clearinghouse of information and referrals for our area. 

Learn about our Five Areas of Focus

What motivates us?

  • We love our community!
  • Helping families thrive not just survive
  • Serving all families with the utmost care and compassion
  • Supporting both emotional and physical health
  • Giving others the opportunity to participate in our work and benefit from the impact
  • Holding space for families, especially with babies, toddlers and special needs during downtown events
  • To bloom wherever we are planted