Families connect at The Family Center through our weekly playgroups, monthly support groups and one time events.

Learn about all the ways you can support the mission of The Family Center

The Family Center wants to be a meeting place and community resource for today’s busy families. Our resource library contains both literature and donated items to assist in the mission of education and support.

Parent Education

You want to be the best parent you can, but feel like there’s so much you don’t know? And when you try to research online, you just feel overwhelmed and discouraged. We provide classes where you can explore many different topics. Tell us what you want to learn, and we’ll make a class! Be sure to check out our RESOURCE LIBRARY! As Wilmore’s MEETING PLACE, we also host play groups! We know you learn the most from other parents just like you!

Child Education

There is so much out there we are told our child needs to know before Kindergarten. The pressure is on to make sure your child isn’t left behind!! Bring them to the Family Center for fun activities that provide many different kinds of experiences!

Whole Family Education

We know you and your child learn best when you learn together! The Family Center will be offering fun (and learning) for the WHOLE FAMILY! We are not a drop off place for kids and very rarely are our classes and meetings only for parents. There is something for everyone – TOGETHER!


Having a hard time? Aren’t we all! It seems our children have more needs than we have resources or time. Establishing small communities of like-minded or similarly-situated families is what we want to do. We are already home to many supportive play groups and structured support groups. As Wilmore’s Meeting Place, The Family Center is happy to serve as a home for any existing groups as well. Contact The Family Center to learn more about using The Family Center as your group’s meeting place.

Downtown Wilmore

Everyone loves Wilmore for its small town atmosphere annual downtown events and festivals.  The Family Center is committed to being open during all Downtown Wilmore Events providing a special place for families, especially those with younger children. Whether parents just need a place to rest, while the kids get their wiggles out; or a child friendly bathroom and diaper changer; the Family Center is THE place for families! Often we will have a special activity of our own to compliment the Event.

“The Family Center is a haven for new and experienced parents alike. It’s a place to learn new things, share knowledge, glean resources, and gather support during the weighty, yet wonderful, task of parenting.”

– Taylor Guy

“I love the enthusiasm The Family Center has towards supporting parents, mothers in particular, in raising our children! They have so many programs to choose from and it is so easy to get involved and share life!”

– Elise Hurst

“What a wonderful place, right in the heart of Wilmore! Excited for all that is happening at The Family Center and all that is to come”

– Elizabeth Pomeroy